Shackleton Centenary Expedition

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Training Timeline


If we are to successfully complete Shackleton's journey, we've got over seven hundred and fifty miles of Polar ice to go, manhauling sleds in some of the most severe temperatures on the planet. Fitness and cold-weather training is therefore of paramount importance. This is a brief rundown of where we've been, and what we have yet to achieve.

Mar 2004
Team leader Will Gow attends a two-week polar training camp on Baffin Island, instructed by Paul Landry and Matty McNair, two of the world's most highly accomplished polar explorers

Feb 2005
Will and Henry complete the 3rd Yukon Arctic Ultra in a highly respectable seven days: a gruelling 300 mile non-stop manhauling race, following the famous Yukon Quest trail

Jun 2005
The whole team have their first fitness assessment at the Olympic Medical Institute

Oct 2005
Team training weekend in Wales: crevasse rescue and associated ropework with Ross Ash-Creighan

Dec 2005
Fitness reassessment at the Olympic Medical Institute and individual skiing exercises in Europe

Mar 2006
Winter mountaineering training in Scotland with Ross Ash-Creighan

May 2006
Back to Baffin: Polar training exercise under the instruction of Matty McNair

July 2006
Glacier travel training and skiing in the Stubai Alps

May 2007
We intend an unsupported crossing of Greenland.

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