Shackleton Centenary Expedition

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Team Members

The Ice Team

brochureworsleysnip.JPG . Henry Worsley MBE Team Leader Henry Worsley has been in the British Army for 25 years, and is distantly related to Frank Worsley, Shackleton's skipper on the Endurance. He has wide expedition experience, and has completed the Haute Route and Yukon Arctic Ultra. This journey will satisfy an obsession with Shackleton and fulfil a lifelong ambition to follow the route of one of his polar expeditions.

brochurewillsnip.JPG.. Will Gow Will Gow works in the City. He has raised over £100,000 for charity by completing the Himalyan 100-mile stage race, and is related to Shackleton by marriage. The Centenary Expedition combines his desire to travel in the last great wilderness and reunite Shackleton's descendents at the Pole.

brochurehenryadamssnip.JPG.. Henry Adams is a shipping lawyer and the great-grandson of Jameson Boyd Adams. He has trekked extensively throughout South America and Africa and is a passionate kitesurfer and sailor. Since boyhood he has dreamed of reliving his great-grandfather's Polar experience.

Fundraising Team

brochurepatricksnip.JPG.. Patrick Bergel works in advertising. He is the great-grandson of Shackleton. Patrick will support the fundraising efforts of the Foundation and hopes to meet the ice team at the Pole.

brochuremesnip.JPG.. Tim Fright works in Westminster. He is the great-great-nephew of Frank Wild, the only explorer to accompany Shackleton on all his missions. Tim counts skydiving and marathon running amongst his hobbies, and will complete the final 97 miles from the Farthest Point.

brochuredavecornellsnip.JPG.. David Cornell is the great grandson of Jameson Boyd Adams. David was an officer in the British Army before entering the City, and spent several years in Norway leading arctic warfare exercises. The expedition will give him the opportunity to trace a link to his own ancestor's efforts, bringing to life the heroic journey in order to connect the past to the present.

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