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Robert Swan and E-Base 2041 March 30 2008

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We have been watching Robert Swan OBE, our Fundraising Patron's website eagerly over the past few weeks as his latest project has really come on in leaps and bounds.

Here is a little background in case you are unfamiliar with Robert Swan:
He is the first man to have walked to both the North and South Pole, he was appointed The Special Envoy to to the Director General of UNESCO in 1994, he was awarded the Polar Medal from HM Queen Elizabeth II in 1995, from 1992 - 2000 he also helped remove 1,500 tons of waste from Antarctica. There is an extensive list of his achievements on his website which we have barely brushed upon.

At the moment he is involved in E-Base 2041. "Its purpose is to inspire a global audience to tackle the issue of climate change. It shows that if we can achieve the seemingly impossible in Antarctica, then we can all take small, achievable steps in our own backyards."

The E-Base is located at Bellingshausen Station, a Russian Antarctic station at Collins Harbor on King George Island, the largest of the South Shetland Islands, located at 62° 12'S, 58° 58'W. It is the world's first education station in Antarctica that is run entirely by renewable energy.

Robert argues that "The world is now ready to engage with convenient solutions to climate change." We couldn't agree more - congratulations Robert on a great job well done!

We look forward to seeing him in June this year when he has agreed to give a lecture to some of our supporters here in London. In the meantime, if you want to find out more about what Robert Swan is upto, you can also visit

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