Shackleton Centenary Expedition

Kit List July 14 2007

Individual Kit

Sleeping System
1 Vapour barrier liner
1 Sleeping bag (eg Rab) good for -250C
1 Synthetic outer bag (NOT waterproof or Dryloft) (optional)
1 Foam mat (eg Thermarest Ridgerest regular)
1 Thermarest (eg Thermarest Trail Comfort regular)
1 Zipped/buckled bag to hold sleeping system (if not outer bag)
1 Eye mask (eg Jetrest/Dreamessentials Infinity sleep mask)


2 Pants/boxers (merino wool/synthetic) (optional)
2 Base layer long johns (merino wool/synthetic)
1 Fleece trousers
1 Softshell trousers (NOT goretex) (eg Paramo/Rab/Wintergreen)
2 Base layer top (merino wool/synthetic)
1 Thin fleece top
1 Thick fleece/insulated top
1 Windproof jacket (NOT goretex) (eg Paramo/Rab/Wintergreen)
1 Fur ruff for jacket
1 Down Jacket with hood (eg Rab)

3/4 Inner socks (merino, eg Bridgedale/X-socks )
2/3 Vapour barrier sock liner (eg RBH Designs)
3/4 Outer socks (eg RBH Designs Insulated sock)
1 Boots
1 Spare oversized boots
1 Insulated gaiters
1 Camp booties (eg ME Co-Op hut booties)

2/3 Inner/working gloves
1 Warm outer gloves (leather-palmed eg ME Pinnacle)
1 Extra-warm outer mitts (with idiot loop) (e.g. RBH Designs)

1/2 Neck gaiter (merino)
1 Windproof hat (covering ears)
1 Thin balaclava
1 Thick/windproof balaclava (eg OR Gorilla/Psolarx)
2 Goggles with windproof nose cover (NOT mouth cover)
1 Sunglasses (+ hard case) (eg Julbo Micropore/Cebe Coccinel)

Hygiene/Minor Medical (personal)
Foot powder/cream
Sun cream
Dry skin cream (eg Bag Balm)
Lipsalve & Lip sunblock
1 Toothbrush & toothpaste
1/2 Soap (eg Cuticura medicated soap for dry skin)
1 Flannel (in plastic bag)
Loo paper
1 Pee bottle
1 Vitamin/mineral supplements (optional)
Anti-bacterial hand gel (eg Cuticura hand sanitizer)
Medicated zinc oxide tape
Athletes foot powder/cream (Micatin/Lotrimin/Lamisil/Daktarin)
Sinus relief

Eating/Drinking (personal)
1 Lexan bowl
2 Lexan spoon
1 Lexan/insulated mug
1/2 Lexan water bottle (with insulated cover)
1/2 Thermos

Ski / Glacier Travel (individual)
1 Pulk (Xmarx)
1 Trace (with elastic)
5 Carabiners for trace x 3 and prussic loops x 2, (wiregate - Camp Nano/Wild Country Helium)
1 Pulk harness (Radical)
1 Skis (pair) (Asnes)
1 Bindings (pair) (Rottefella)
1 Skins (pair) (Asnes Skin Lock)
1 Poles (pair) (Swix Mountain Poles)
1 Crampons (pair, newmatic, in crampon bag/bubblewrap)
1 Prussik loop (pulk to rope)
1 Prussik loop (person to rope)
2 Slings (for trace)
1 Climbing harness

1 Camp seat (optional)
1 Digital camera (with hard case)
1 Book (optional)
1 Journal + pencil
1 iPod (plus charging lead)
1 Small solar panel (optional)
1 Ear plugs (pair) (optional)
1 Watch (with alarm)
2/3/4 Stuff sacs (for clothes/kit eg Granite Gear Air Bag)

1 Passport
US$ for South Pole
Plane tickets
Base camp food

Food - breakfast
Food - lunch/snacks
Food - dinner
Stuffsacs for food
Fuel (white gas)
3 MSR stoves (MSR XGK EX)
3 Stove boards
6 Fuel bottles
1 Stove maintenance/repair kit
1 Large kettle/pot
1/2 Medium pot
1 Large cooking spoon/ladel
2 Scrubbing cloth
Condiments (eg salt, pepper,currey chilli)
6 Lighters
2 Emergency safety matches (box)

1 4-man Hilleberg Keron GT tent (with snow flaps, hanging line & safety pins, with mosquito net removed, poles fixed and taped)
Tent pegs (eg SMC perforated snow stakes or Tanchor) ?
1 4-man tent insulated floor
1 Tent brushes
2 Shovel (eg Komperdell Carbon/Salewa Tour)
3/4 Spare guidelines
3/4 Spare pole sections
1 Microtowel

2 Iridium phone with battery (+ sim card)
2 Spare battery for Iridium phone
1 Back-up system for iridium phone (eg PBL or Argos)
1 Spare battery for back-up system
1 Laptop with rugged case and charger
1 PDA with rugged case and charger
1/2 Solar panel (e.g. Brunton)
2/3 Rugged boxes for Comms kit

2 Compass (eg Silva/Suunto)
2 GPS (Garmin Geko 201)
2 Spare lithium batteries for GPS (set)
1 Hands-free compass support (eg Snowsled)

Ski travel spares
1/2 Spare skis (set)
1/2 Spare poles (set)
1/2 Spare Bindings (set)
3 Spare pole baskets (set)
3 Spare skins (set)
3 Spare screws for skins (set)

Crevasse Rescue (team kit)
12 Locking crab (DMM Sentinel)
6 Slings (Mammut Contact 8mm)
9 Prussik loops (5mm cord)
3 Ice screws (Black Diamond Turbo express with protectors)
2 Rope (Mammut Genesis Superdry 8.5mm x 50m)
2 Rope bags
2 Ice axe (Black Diamond Raven Ultra)
2 Deadman/deadboy (DMM)
3 Knife (Petzl Spatha)

1 Video camera (with hard case)
1 General repair kit (e.g. laces, fabrics, needles, thread, buckles, string, wire, duct tape, plastic twist ties, superglue/araldite etc)
1 Multi-tool/Screwdriver (eg Leatherman Charge ti)
1/2 Thermarest repair kit
1 Medical kit (to treat frostbite, burns, cuts, severe pain etc)
1 Thermometer
1 Mirror
1 Wind/temperature indicator

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