Shackleton Centenary Expedition

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Welcome to the Matrix Shackleton Centenary Expedition website

We are the descendants of Sir Ernest Shackleton's band of Antarctic explorers.

In 2008-09 we recreated the 1909 Nimrod Expedition, originally intended to be the first mission to the South Pole. To go to the Expedition map to hear team members daily broadcasts from Antarctica click here

Expedition map

The original team got to within ninety-seven miles of the Pole before being forced back: one hundred years later WIll Gow, Henry Worsley and Henry Adams finished the business our forefathers began re-creating the journey in its entirety before going on and reaching the Pole. At the 97 mile point they were met by Dave Cornell, Ronnie Gray, Andy Ledger, Tim Fright and their guide Matty McNair who reached the Pole two days later.

Our efforts go towards raising funds and awareness for The Shackleton Foundation, to honour the original crew and celebrate their pioneering spirit.

The original team.jpg

You can read more about the Shackleton Foundation and what we stand for, about the expedition, the team and matters Polar on this site.

A massive thank you to all of the friends, families, supporters and work colleagues who helped us get there. The next step for us all is to ensure that the Shackleton Foundation is a self-sustaining charity in perpetuity that Sir Ernest Shackleton would have been proud of. To find out more about the Shackleton Foundation, you can visit the Shackleton Foundation website.

Posted by SCE on March 15, 2009 11:18 AM