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The Shackleton Foundation is a new charitable trust.

Sir Ernest Shackleton is widely known as one of the most inspirational leaders of the twentieth century.

Whilst he never achieved his personal dream of being the first to reach the South Pole, his reputation as a leader of men is based on a still greater success: the survival and safe return of all of his team members, whilst overcoming almost unimaginable odds. Shackleton's name lives on as a synonym for courage, bravery and most of all, leadership.

Sir Ernest Shackleton

Shackleton's era of heroic exploration is now long gone. However, The Shackleton Foundation believes innumerable and significant challenges still exist where the rallying power and indomitable spirit of Shackleton is needed, in order to make a tangible contribution to the greater good.

Thomas Pynchon wrote "Everyone has an Antarctic". The Foundation exists to support and encourage people who may not otherwise have the opportunity to identify and cross their own Antarctic, particularly where the applicant's chosen project can be shown to directly benefit the less advantaged. Whilst we support projects within and outside the physical arena, it is evidence of Shackleton's spirit that we seek.

We believe that singular people making singular contributions to the public good can act as beacons of inspiration, and we wish to support them in their endeavours.

The Foundation hopes that beneficiaries will develop or possess the personal qualities that define leadership: a fierce personal commitment to succeed, a willingness to take intelligent risks, and the ability to inspire and energise those around them to do their utmost towards worthwhile causes.

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