Shackleton Centenary Expedition

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Corporate Sponsorship

The Shackleton name is known worldwide.

After a recent surge in interest by film-makers, documentarists and writers, the profile of one of Britain's greatest explorers continues to grow: inspirational as a leader, aspirational as a hero. Feature films, TV dramas and globally successful books have cemented the reputation of Shackleton as the man to have with you in a crisis, and a powerful example of unflinching determination and selfless team-building, for business-people and explorers alike.


The Shackleton Foundation, the new charitable trust behind this unique and unprecedented adventure, now seeks a limited number of bold organisations to become Founder Members. We expect Founder Members to gain continuing benefit in these areas:

Identification with the Shackleton name, through a Foundation dedicated to bold and innovative charitable initiatives.

Opportunities to use examples of Foundation activities to underscore your company's values, internally and externally.

Active participation in selecting projects for support by the Foundation.

During 2008/2009

Acknowledgment and exposure from global coverage comprising: Foundation literature, national press & radio, television, daily web feeds live from Antarctica, educational and schools links.

We're going to the South Pole. Will you join us?

Posted by SCE on September 16, 2006 2:23 PM