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Werner Herzog's Antarctica

Werner Herzog Antarctica.jpg

This beautiful underwater photo is one of Henry Kaiser's, a colleague of Werner Herzog's, the famous documentary maker who's newest film is about Antarctica. It opens in Manhattan on Wednesday, the reviewer notes that:

"If this were a nature documentary like any other, the casual talk about global warming and other calamities might cast shadows across this bright expanse. But there's something about Mr. Herzog -- including the accidental if now well-practiced comedy that colors even his most dramatic pronouncements -- that inevitably keeps his pictures from growing too dark. One reason is beauty, which in his hands has a way of keeping the worst at bay; it is, after all, hard to fully despair in the face of so much of the natural world's splendors. Another reason, I think, has to do with Mr. Herzog's seemingly unshakable faith in human beings, who for all their misdeeds at times reach a state of exaltedness."

We all look forward to seeing it over here before too long, especially as Herzog visits Shackleton's hut

For the New York Times' review, click here.

Posted by SCE on July 11, 2008 10:51 AM